Ram Gopal Varma Question And Answers #100

Ram Gopal Varma Question And Answers #100

991. You seem to have lost respect for the audience?
Ans: How can I loose what I never had?

992. What’s the difference between cheap directors who depend on heroine’s skin show and a special director like you?
Ans: I don’t know what cheap is. For me a really special director is one who can show a heroine’s skin really special.

993. How do you define patience and humbleness?
Ans: Both are non-existent to me.

994. What about people who don’t know what to do with their life?
Ans: By definition they are not living anyway and hence as good as dead for all practical purposes.

995. Why do you give interviews even to B grade websites and channels?
Ans: Well, if I can write a blog for even C-graders like you, then I guess my stupidity is lesser there than here.

996. Do you agree that a woman’s mind is most difficult to understand?
Ans: No, because long time back I realized that there is nothing to understand there.

997. If you have no friends, I pity you and if you have I pity them.
Ans: And I pity you for wasting your pity on both the pitiable and the non-pitiable.

998. Why is it that I already know which film of yours I should watch and which I should not?
Ans: That’s because you are a Genius Sir!

999. You will be remembered in the history of Indian cinema for what you are.
Ans: I really don’t care about being remembered. I just want to be what I am and I will be what I want to be.

1000. 4. A wise man won’t repeat his mistakes.

Ans: Unless you make mistakes you don’t become wise and unless you continue making mistakes you won’t become wiser. Now come on answer this, wise man!