Ram Gopal Varma Question And Answers #88

Ram Gopal Varma Question And Answers #88 

871. Who is your first girl friend?
Ans: I only had lovers.

872. How can one get rid of fear completely?
Ans: By not taking anything seriously especially yourself.

873. Your eyes are more sexier than your viewpoints.
Ans: My eyes come through my viewpoints.

874. How would you decide on the pace of a movie?
Ans: On the basis of at what pace I myself would like to see it.

875. How would you describe yourself?
Ans: I am like a hardcore porn dvd. You might hate it, love it, look down upon it or get disgusted by it but if it is in the room you can’t resist watching it.
Apart from this I am also quite a nice guy though no one agrees with me on this.

876. You talk of Ayn Rand and Nietzsche and actually you don’t understand their ideas.
Ans: Hello, Rand and Nietzsche are just two among hundreds where I pick up my thoughts from. A substantial amount of my philosophical growth came from Mad magazine. I learn from James Hadley Chase and unlearn from Jean Paul Sartre and make a living out of reading Fredrick Forsyth. After all the reading I do, I pick up what suits my convenience and twist and turn them and apply them to the way I choose to live my life and discard the rest. That too keeps constantly changing subject to my state of mind and my state of being and lots of times also due to my moods. I am neither into understanding Ayn rand’s objectivism nor Nietzsche’s nihilism. I take them merely as knowledge to practically apply in a thought process. They and others are just ingredients I use and I myself prepare the dish to eat it myself and I serve it to whoever is smart enough or foolish enough to want it.

Knowledge should be like the steps of a ladder. As soon as you climb one you should go that much more higher. You should not make the mistake of carrying what should carry you.

“The pursuit of truth is not important. The pursuit of that truth is important which helps you in reaching your goal that is provided you have one.” – Ayn Rand (The Romantic Manifesto)

Like in some context someone here on this blog used the word “Ramuism”, that’s pretty much what I am into as that reads as “individualism” to me, or to be moré particular Ramu’s individualism which again can be called as “Ramuism”.

877. Why the hell are you so arrogant?
And: You need a little bit of intelligence to realize the difference between arrogance and confidence.

878. Anyone can read a few books on philosophy and make a movie. Don’t be proud that you are a director. These are millions of people more talented than you.
Ans: Ok Sir. Yes Sir. All right Sir.

879. Life is full of surprises. Who can say which decision is right?
Ans: That’s exactly what I have been screaming all this time.

880. Where did your aesthetic sense go Ramu?
Ans: Higher than your eye can see.